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Chi ben beve, ben magna

Who drinks well, eats well

Hostaria is a place serving great wine and simple food. The emphasis has always been on local and homemade specialties such as pasta and grilled meat and fish, often served at shared tables.  Hostarias generally pride themselves on the range and quality of their offerings and became the ideal places for after work and evening refreshments and "do ciacole" (socializing) among friends while sharing a glass of wine.
Piave is the river that flows from the Alps to the Venetian lagoon. It has always been convenient and useful to Venice since the "burci", the slow but large boats that sailed up and down the river, would carry all sorts of goods, such as vegetables, fruits, meat, wheat, wine and bread, to the "fonteghi" (storehouses) of the Serenissima Republic of Venice.

Featured Dish

Pasta “al Torchio”

Pasta is the most universally captivating dish any cuisine has put on the table, but Italians do it best.  In 1875, Francesco Bottene obtained Royal Patent Number 8401 for what was then called “New Machine for the Production of Home Pastas” or “Bigolaro,” a machine that can make the very thick spaghetti that in the Venetian dialect is called “Bigoli” and wide-grooved rigatoni locally known as “Gargati.”  Torchio, the modern Bigolaro is identical in design to the original and is still made by the same artisan producer.  It really is a piece of living history to hand craft pastas.  The Bigolaro extrusion chamber is cast from bronze to create the necessary roughness for the pasta to hold sauces much better than that made by more industrial methods.

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Featured Dish (Middle)

“Zaeti” Venexiani

(ZAH-EH-TI). Venetian dialect for “little yellow ones”.
Traditional polenta-based biscuits from Venice and its region. Polenta is a staple of the Venetian diet and is commonly used as a side-dish. Hostaria Piave elevates this simple recipe with Grappa-soaked raisins. Rustic, yet delicate, the flavor explodes through the plumped raisins. A rarity treat that we bake daily.

Available for Dine-In or Carry Out

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